Boarders with a diet menu

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The 'Canteen' module allows you to set several different meals (menu) and in case of demand some can be set as a diet menu (e.g. gluten-free meal) and assigned to a particular student.

You can find these settings in the top drop-down menu:
'Module settings (Administration)' in the 'Canteen' module when logged in as the administrator or the person entitled to the Canteen module.

The number of meals (menu) is set in the 'Opening hours' section.

In the 'Menu - Name' section you can name it and assign the shortcut that will be displayed in the boarders' overview.

In the 'Boarders' section (1.) where you see 'Orders & Types of payers' (2.) you can assign a diet menu to a particular boarder (3.) and set default settings in the dialog box, e.g. gluten-free menu (4.). Do not forget to 'Save changes' (5.).

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